MODULE-1 : Basic of Digital Education
MODULE-2 : Basic of Computer with Advance Excel
MODULE-3 : Accounting in Corporate Culture
MODULE-4 : Digital Taxation with Return Filing
MODULE-5 : Modern Accounting Software (Tally ERP, Busy)


MODULE-6 : Future Accounting Software (Quick Books)
MODULE-7 : Digital Banking with E-commerce
MODULE-8 : Capital Market & AMP ; Logistic Management
MODULE-9 : Company Law, Audit & AMP ; Insurance
MODULE-10 : Live Projects and Pre-Placement

E-Accountant DCA Training

DCA is the best career oriented training program. Which is best option for all types of Students for their bright career. Open many jobs options related to Computerized Accounting & Taxation & GST. Accountants can choose their career in different industries in the public and private sectors, or they can be self-employed. Accountants may choose to do tax, bookkeeping, payroll or accounting services, while others work in government, finance, insurance, manufacturing or company management.

DCA Training 1 Year Programs

Module – I : Basic of Digital Education
Module – II : Basic of Computer with Advance Excel
Module – III : Accounting in Corporate Culture
Module – IV : Digital Taxation with Return Filling
Module – V : Modern Accounting Software ( Tally ERP, Busy)
Module – VI : Future Accounting Software ( Quick Books)
Module – VII : Digital Banking with E- commerce
Module – VIII : Capital Market & AMP ; Logistic Management
Module – IX : Company Law, Audit & AMP ; Insurance
Module – X : Live Projects and Pre-Placement